What is a Small Experiment?

This is an opportunity for anyone to experiment with innovative methods of planning and shaping projects and involving local people in activities.  You could put on a new kind of event, research a larger idea, start something to bring together people in your area, work with new partners in the arts or elsewhere.  If you have ideas we want to hear from you, and we can provide up to £2,000 towards your Experiment.

How to apply

There’s no form! You need to explain to us what your idea is, how you will test it and who will benefit. Your idea needs to fit with our Programme Principles and Aims and to give us the answers to some questions. You can write up to 500 words in what ever format suits you. You can submit your information by emailing experiments

If you prefer you can send your idea in the post to:
Experiments at Creative People and Places Swale and Medway,
Creek Creative, No 1 Abbey Street, Faversham, Kent. ME13 7BE

If you would rather explain your idea to someone then please let us know. We can talk to you and make a record of what you are wanting to do.  Do remember we will need time to arrange to meet you so this may affect how soon you can put in your application.

If you have other ways you would like to apply please let us know. A short videoclip or podcast are some ideas we have had. We want you to explain your idea in  the best way you can, so please talk to us if you have a particular way you want to do this.