Principles & Aims

Creative People and Places Swale and Medway is an Action Research Programme. We want to learn by doing, and all our activity will be guided by the following principles and aims:

Three Key Principles:

  1. Inclusive, removing barriers to participation. We will not be limited by size of organisation or idea, or whether a group is professional or amateur, or the type of art they make. We will actively engage with non-arts organisations from the voluntary sector, public sector and business.
  2. Adaptable. The programme is designed to be flexible to different, shifting contexts and take on feedback and ideas from participants. Listening and learning is key to this.
  3. High Quality. We want the highest possible quality of process and art in what we do.

Five Aims:

  1. Increase Arts Participation. We will test pioneering approaches to creating and showing art and creative product, and broaden and diversify routes into creativity by presenting the arts in new, inspiring ways.
  2. Strengthen Community Leadership. We will support communities to take the lead in new sustainable creative initiatives
  3. Develop the professional and amateur Arts Community. We will facilitate networks, provide learning and support for the amateur and professional sector and create the right ‘conditions’ for innovation, collaboration and serendipity.
  4. Increase understanding of the value of arts. We will grow understanding and support for the value of the arts at a local, regional and national level; aligned with mapping the impact for the arts sector and beyond.
  5. Place creative communities at the heart of change. In ten years Swale and Medway will be known as places where creativity is a natural part of communities and communities creatively contribute to shaping of place.