We aim to increase arts participation for everyone in Swale and Medway by
supporting the growth of creativity, invention and imagination.

Funding Opportunities

Small Experiment

Mission: To turn an idea into a small project

Why? To experiment with new methods of planning projects and involving local residents in arts activities in a sustainable way.

Who? Individuals, arts organisations, voluntary groups and anyone else who wants to test the feasibility of an idea and share their findings.

What’s the catch? You must be very clear about what you want to test and why. You’ll need to collect some data for us to help our research.

Apply for up to £2,000

Community Catalyst Experiment

Mission: To support local people to develop inspiring projects for the community.

Why? To discover and support local “doers”, inspiring them to connect a broader range of people in community activities and the arts.

Who? Individuals already doing great things and bring people together in arts and non-arts communities.

What’s the catch? You have to be nominated as a Community Catalyst to apply. You project must inspire and support others too.

Awards up to £5,000

Scaling Up and Moving On.

Mission: To develop what has been learned from Small Experiments and Community Catalyst Experiments.

Why? Some funded projects will have the potential to be rolled out in other places, or to be scaled up, reaching even more people.

Who? People who have had a successful first project funded by Ideas Test. Groups of Community Catalysts might have larger collaborative project ideas which could also be supported.

What’s the catch? You need to be able to show what you’ve learned from your first project and how you are using that knowledge to plan for future development.  We will only not support projects that are suitable for Grants for the Arts.

Awards up to a maximum of £10,000, but talk to us first about how much to apply for.


Now Showing: A partnership project with Applause Rural Touring. We want to help people who run local spaces – including village halls and community centres – to put on performances such as music, dance, comedy or theatre and make money for their venues. We can give you advice and cover some or all of the costs of putting on performances if this is a new kind of activity for your venue.

Email us if you’re interested or call on 07713 865955.


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