When can I apply?
There will be 4 deadlines per year in January, April, June, September.  The next deadline is 10am, Monday 16th September.

Who can apply?
We expect most applications will come from residents of Swale or Medway.  If we receive Small Experiment applications from elsewhere we will consider them but they must involve local people in a genuine way. Community Catalyst opportunities will be guided by nominations from residents.

I need help/advice instead of funding to develop my project/idea, can you connect me to the right people?
Yes, we are happy to help you in this way.

Can I include project management in my budget?
Yes, but this should not be more than 15% of the total budget.

Are you interested in projects that have the potential to turn a profit in the long term?
Yes, we want projects to be sustainable, so we are looking at ways of helping individuals and organisations to continue their work beyond the life of this fund.  However, as this is Lottery money you can’t make a surplus on your grant from us.

Can I apply for something which is part of another event?
Yes, as long as there is a specific question being tested through our funding.

Can I use CPP funding as match for Grants for the Arts?
No, as it is all Arts Lottery money.

Can I use this funding for marketing?
Not as a stand alone piece of activity.  This money is for ‘doing’ although marketing may be part of your wider activity.

Can I use the money for research and development?
Yes you could test the feasibility of your idea with a view to then seeking funding for it (if needed) from elsewhere.

Do I need partnership funding to apply?
You should look for partnership funding for your project.  This could be in cash or kind.  Although it is not a requirement it is good practice and will contribute to the sustainability of this programme.

Can I apply for audience development activity?
This depends what the activity is.  Like the marketing question, if you are doing specific activity to test an idea which connects you to new people this may be eligible.

Where can the activity take place?
All the activity must take place somewhere within Swale and/or Medway.

How will I get the money?
Once we have agreed your project and given you the feedback from the panel you will be able to invoice us for the funds.  If we need you to do something extra before starting the project we may hold back money until this has happened.

Can I apply more than once?
If your first activity is finished you can apply again either to develop it further or for something else.

How long do I have to complete the activity?
We expect most projects to take place within 6 months of receiving the award.  You can talk to us if you will need longer than this.

How will the funding be split across Swale and Medway?
Each idea will be assessed on its own merit. There is no geographic allocation, but if we see that there are not many applications from particular places we will make extra efforts to make sure people there are helped to develop ideas.

Will you be transparent and publish details of all your spending and funding decisions?
Yes, we will publish lists of successful applications, and our business plan will be on line once it has been fully approved by Arts Council England.