Programme Audit & Research

To support this action research programme and help strengthen everyone’s activities across Swale and Medway, a two-phase Audit has been carried out and a Research Strategy drafted.

Between 1st August 2012 and 1st September 2013 this website received 3,073 unique website visitors and captured a total ‘Sign Up’ reach of 369, with a local reach of 228 (93 in Swale, 135 in Medway): 61.7% (228) of all signups come from within Swale and Medway. 10.5% (39) of all signups don’t wish to be contacted by Arts Council for research purposes. A total of 109 Community Catalyst nominations were received. Our research and data gathering continues and will help us (and you) shape a more informed programme with demographic data, national statistics and public asset and cultural information mapping. Please do explore the links above and map below:

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In short, The Audit confirms that Community Catalysts do exist to help shape and drive the programme forward. Local residents have displayed a great willingness to get involved in conversations, and this has provided a solid list of local people to call upon as future advisors and engage in the programmes decision-making processes.



2 responses to “Programme Audit & Research

  1. Steve said:

    The map key doesn’t seem to match the colours on the map – for example large areas on the map (eg South of the M2 as it crosses the river) but there’s no green in the key?

    • Creative People and Places: Swale & Medway said:

      Hello Steve.

      The colour panels are slighly opaque so the google map green is coming through a little. If you click on the area you’re talking about it’ll give you the exact numerical breakdowns. If you need more detail it’s certainly worth exploring the Audit document.